Fish are your main goal in insaneaquarium.


Guppy. eats fish food. fist stage drops nothing, second stage drops siler coins, third stage drops gold coins.

Carniore. Eats baby guppies. drops dimonds.

Ultravore. Eats carnivores. drops treasure chests.

Star guppies. eats fish food, use star potion on adult guppies to get. drops stars

Blue guppies. eats fish food. Get by having a star guppy for long enough. drops gems.

Starcatchers. Eat stars. drops dimonds.

Guppycrunchers. eat baby guppies, drop beetles.

Beetlemunchers. eat beatles, drop pearls

Breeders. when on last stage, drop baby guppies. eat fish food.

(VT only) Babysilvesters. grow into silvesters. drops bags of shells.