Pets insaneaquarium

All the pets in insaneaquarium

Pets are sea creatures (and one scuba-diving elephant) who help you survive

Types of PetsEdit

Pets are categorized into what they do, and their series.

  • Collecting/Generating money
  • Fighing aliens
  • Feeding fish
  • Other


  1. Collected in tank one
  2. Collected in tank two
  3. Tank three
  4. Tank four
  5. and bought


Group oneEdit

Stinky. Collects money. He only moves along the tank floor, as it is nonsenical for a snail to be swimming

Niko. Produces pearls that are worth money.

Itchy. Fights aliens. Is the weakest of the three alien-fighing pets

Prego. Every now and again, she gives birth to a new baby guppy with a noise that sounds like a fart.

Zorf. Feeds fish with level two fish food

Group twoEdit

Clyde. Floats around, collecting coins. Acts like a swimming stinky.

Vert. Drops gold coins. He is an undead adult fish

Rufus. Attacks aliens from the floor. Is sorta like a fusion of stinky and itchy

Meryl. When she sings, all fish drop coins

Wadsworth. When aliens appear, all baby and medium sized fish fly into his mouth.

Group threeEdit

Seymore. He slows down food and coin drop speed to a minmum, allowing you to get coins without them falling too fast.

Shrapnel. Drops Bombs worth $150, but kill fish on contact.

Gumbo. When aliens are around, he lures all fish away from harm. Use with wadsworth for maximum fish protection.

Blip. He does all sorts of crazy things, alerting you when fish are hungry, where aliens whill spawn, and unlocks all options on the bar at the top. Apparently he took a vow to use his powers for good.

Rhubarb. He keeps Guppies of the bottom of the tank. Practically useless

Group fourEdit

Nimbus. bounces coins and food up so they dont go to the bottom of the tank and fade.

Amp. Turns guppies into dead guppies and gems. Use with angie to get maximum profit.

Gash. like a more powerfull version of ichy, but eats guppies as a victory celebration after every alien defeat, so he's just as bad as the aliens!

Angie. Uses her heavenly powers to resurect dead fish (but not eaten fish. That would be ugly)

presto. The best pet by far, presto can turn into any other pet. allways equip him.


Brinkly. Eats guppy food and drops money.

Nostrodamus. He sneezes to scare away aliens, and drops snot worth 1 dollar, the snot can be eaten by fish to turn them into more nostrodami

Stanley. throws balls at aliens.(sport balls. not the other type)

Walter. the only really usefull special pet, he can punch fish to make them drop money, or charge up pet's powers.